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Conventional Loan Options - Update 2019
Great Rates & Terms! Bank, Life Insurance Company, Conduit Funding Solutions 
We have many unique conventional financing options.  To the right of the page under program examples, you will notice some of the situations that can be financed conventionally.  Conventional financing provides the best rates and terms.  Conventional financing is currently available for investment and owner occupied real estate.   We also offer Private Money , Stated Loan, and Business Financing.

Conventional Lending is very generally categorized as a lending type that conforms to sponsors and property characteristics that are less risk as defined by current market guidelines.  Many seeking a conventional loan have already tired to get conventional financing elsewhere and were turned down, or perhaps were told that they could not get a loan because of their property type, credit score, net worth, or one of the various other reasons that a problem may arise.  For instance in the current market hospitality loans - bed and breakfast or motels are tuned down by many, another common property type lenders are avoiding are restaurants.  The good news is that because we have so many options available we do not have to turn these property owners away and can handle many more.

With many Conventional Lenders they have their certain focus.  If you don't quite fit their program, you have to go somewhere else and start the process again or give up.  You could essentially end up going to half a dozen Conventional Lenders and come to the conclusion there is no loan available to you.  However, there are many viable solutions provided here so you have the best chance of qualifying.

The fact is the financing market is constantly changing and with the volatility over the past few years any lender no matter who they are or what they choose to fund has changed how they are doing business.  

If you are new to the commercial financing world, are a seasoned investor, or a business owner looking for capital and need a commercial loan, there are a lot more opportunities available then can be easily found at any one place.  The benefit here is that the best and most unique products are available.  They can easily be personalized to your situation, and provide a solution that you may not even think exists, even if you have been turned down elsewhere.  It's important to have the most up-to-date options for commercial financing, and that is what is offered.  

Click below to get matched to a program unique to your situation:  


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Conventional Owner-Occupied & Investment Property

Excellent Rates & Terms

Lower Credit Score & Liquidity Requirements Then Most

Special Purpose & All Commercial Property Types Considered Including B&B, Restaurants

SBA 7(a), SBA 504, USDA 

Non-SBA Programs Also Available

Medical Doctors, Pharmacies, Dentists, Veterinarians Up To      130% LTV

Recourse & Non-Recourse

Commercial Real Estate Purchase, Refinance, & Construction, Including Working Capital And Other Business Assets

Loan Options With No Balloons Or Calls

Cash-Out for Debt Consolidation, Property Improvement, Working Capital & More

Fixed Term & Fully Amortizing Options

Partner Buyout

Lower DSCR Requirements Then Most

& Much More....

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To Request a Low Rate Conventional Loan Click Here!
To Request a Low Rate Conventional Loan Click Here!
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